Tony Watson, Malibu, CA


As a DJ, producer, and label head, Tony Watson has carved out an indelible body of work and forged a distinct identity and unique voice in contemporary dance music.

Through his record label Adult Contemporary and its edit offshoot American Standard Watson has championed intelligent independent production from artists as diverse as The Beat Broker, Yagya, Hatchback and Lord of the Isles, amongst others and selected noted producers like Mark E, Reverso 68, and Dennis Kane for stellar remix work. Adult Contemporary represents an elegant and cerebral sound, but also one that is emotionally full and that covers a broad range from Balearica to Techno and Nu Disco. American Standard has featured edit work from noted figures like Cole Medina, Social Disco Club, Juan Nunez, and Jeff Overton (The Drunk) and has brought often forgotten and unheard songs back to life, using the edit format to renew them for the dance floor.

As a producer Tony has released work as both a solo artist and with partners like Rollmottle, and Royaer. The Project Sandro 12” done with Rollmottle, which was recently reissued, has been a set staple for numerous DJ’s including DJ Harvey, Prins Thomas and DJ Kent. Tony’s collaboration with Royaer as Nice Dreams is a standout

Record in the Adult Contemporary catalogue. Tony has work out on the Ibadan, Om Records, Pacha Recordings, Is it Baelearic and Sonar Kollektiv labels amongst others. His production and remix work has been featured on numerous compilations and anthologies.

Tony has been a celebrated DJ dating back to his early MORE Friday’s party, his long running Body Music party and his various touring appearances at places like the Winter Music Conference in Miami, The Music Center at the Chandler Pavilion, Lounge Candelas in San Diego and storied NYC club APT. Tony’s nights have always attracted a fevered audience, and acclaimed guests like DJ Harvey, Francois K and Kerri Chandler to name a few. His residencies have always been celebrated for the intimacy and strong bond between Tony and his crowd. Playing in a style that brings intensity, warmth and complexity, Tony has a unique ability to keep expanding and growing the range of music played while also fostering an inclusive and riotously fun mood.

David Mancuso the godfather of playing recorded music and the archetype for the modern DJ often talked about the need for the music, the audience, and the selector to all come together to create a utopian moment or moments, something greater than the sum of the parts.

In his various roles as DJ, Curator, Producer, etc... Tony has worked to forge that new thing and to build utopian moments in numerous ways, his body of work aspires for the expanded sublime, in performance, composition and identity. His is an ethos that has left a lasting mark on the contemporary west coast and global dance music scenes.